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AMBITNA connects health systems, innovative tech partners, and life sciences to an AI platform matching patients with eligible clinical research to bring health equity 

Accelerating Health Cures, Therapies and Intelligence

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Medical Research Accelerator 

Accelerating bringing new therapies to market faster by automatically matching a more diverse, eligible patients to trials and clinical sites



Only 4-8% of ELIGIBLE patients ACCESS clinical research

AMBITNA automatically and securely connects eligible patients with their providers to researchers for faster discovery of cures with security, privacy, and distributed analytics.

Patients and their providers automatically know what is accessible to accelerate a cure and extend a life.


AMBITNA: all inclusive access to innovative treatments and cures for a better life.


Presently, minorities and women are under-represented in clinical trials. This represents a delay to the approval of drugs, understanding of all side effects and true dosing. It also increases the chances that after approval, the number of side effects, complications and dosing issues create a major liability burden for the pharmaceutical and the health care system involved.



AMBITNA uses military-grade security to protect patient and clinical trial data at rest and in motion with a technology fabric that does not require data to be centrally stored to provide the AI to securely connect patients and providers to clinical trials.


AMBITNA saves time and money to identify and enroll eligible patients in research. 


Pharma can accelerate the regulatory approval process; increase the cohort of patient pools with more diversity on gender, race, ethnicity and age thus decreasing liability; and increase ROI while mitigating product liability.


Improving health outcomes faster saves both the patient and payor.

Deep Industry Knowledge

AMBITNA founders and partners have been at the forefront of breakthroughs in cancer prevention and control and other life sciences innovations safely commercialized from diverse clinical trials at leading health research systems.

AMBITNA's Solange services works with corporate, government and academic leaders from across sectors to achieve their greatest social impact by connecting the best advice, guidance, and tools in the world with the best ideas and efforts to change it.


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