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Amy M. Andrade

Chief Operating Officer


Amy brings deep expertise in Information Technology, BioMedical Informatics and Innovative Management across Healthcare, Manufacturing and Academic Health Science Centers.

Amy  formerly was the Senior Advisor to the President/CEO, Dr. James Hildreth, on Technology & Innovation; Assistant Vice President of Research at Meharry Medical College.


She is a graduate of the Medical Informatics M.S. program at Northwestern University. As the Assistant Vice President of Research, Amy was the founding director of Meharry Medical College’s Data Science Center.

The institute enables health care practitioners, researchers and students to mine more than 3.5 million medical and dental records to gain new and unique insights into medical, social and environmental issues and trends that impact the health of minority populations and the poor. As today’s care standards are based largely on data from Caucasian patients, Meharry anticipates that the wealth of real-time, curated clinical data will fuel learning, discovery and improvements in care for these populations for years to come.

Ambitna in collaboration with Meharry developed the Ambitna Clinical Trials Accelerator.

Amy is a Fellow of the Group Information Resources (GIR) section of the Association of Academic Medical Colleges (AAMC) and  currently sits on the GIR-Research study section. Amy also sits on the Board of  Trustees Executive Committee, as Secretary, to the Tennessee Kidney Foundation.

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