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Andre Szykier

CEO and Chairman of UbiVault LLC.


CEO, CTO, CIO for several companies, IPO twice in security and data technologies. Career spanning 30 years in space science, fractal compression, behavioral targeting, advertising analytics, and cybersecurity. With a polymath experience in numerous disciplines, Andre is the designer of the Jigsaw secure ‘data shredding’ platform that sits at the heart of the IOTA Fabric survivable security platform. Andre has worked with government agencies in the United States (NSA, NRO, TSA) and with security agencies in the UK and Israel. 


Andre has spent the bulk of his career in the design and development of advanced technologies for securing, managing and protecting critical data for government and business.  He was in charge of business and cellular services at Pacific Telesis, researcher at Bell Labs and at Lawrence Livermore - Berkeley Labs on the Super Collider project. 

His disciplines are focused on enabling new technologies in diverse disciplines using his mathematical training to design and move to product novel, disruptive solutions in biotechnology, security, pattern recognition and information architectures. His design for lossless fractal compression to reduce relational data storage 10,000 fold which was licensed by Informix and Microsoft in their SQL server systems is still used by major telco firms and government security agencies worldwide for call detail analysis. Andre has developed novel applications in neuroscience, bioinformatics, nano-cryptography. He regularly consults with government agencies on cybersecurity. Andre has worked at ATT, Bell Labs, NSA and as a CTO in over a dozen companies. He is fluent in Polish and Russian.


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