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Scott Massey, PhD

Scott T. Massey, Ph.D. is Founding Chairman and CEO of Global Action Platform, a leading university-business alliance, headquartered in Nashville.


Global Action Platform advances scalable, sustainable solutions for abundant food, health, and prosperity.  Global Action Platform convenes and incubates sustainable solutions to meet health, nutrition, and economic needs.

In addition to his leadership role at Global Action Platform, Dr. Massey is Managing Partner for Global Partnership for Sustainable Solutions, an international development organization.  Dr. Massey serves as Professor of Strategy and Competitiveness, Massey School of Business, Belmont University, where he is a member of Michael Porter’s Microeconomics of Competitiveness global network.

A published author, speaker, university advisor, strategy consultant, and Emmy-Award nominated television documentary producer, Dr. Massey works on initiatives that connect academic, business, and government sectors, principally in innovation economic development.

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