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Jason Books

Chief Scientific Officer and Board Treasurer


Jason leads Ambitna towards the organizational goal of accelerating clinical research along with drug development through new innovations and medical advances to patients much faster and more efficiently.  Jason will lead Ambitna in the areas of clinical and healthcare strategy by implementing the acceleration of clinical research through a global network of physician scientists from academia and pharmaceutical/Biotech leaders.

Jason joins Ambitna with a broad range of individual success as an experienced executives along with expertise in clinical research, translational drug discovery and research product commercialization.


Jason has 20 years of experience working on the scientific and clinical research aspects of drug development with 15 years focused in oncology.


Prior to Ambitna, Jason has served in various roles within clinical research organizations and more recently was the former Director of Strategic Development at HCA Sarah Cannon where he grew alliance partnerships with key pharmaceutical companies to ensure a strong pipeline of clinical business opportunities. Jason also served as the Administrative/Scientific Director at MD Anderson Cancer Center as the lead over the Breast and Ovarian Moon Shot programs where he led teams across multiple clinical/research departments to design and execute tactical tracking and planning guidelines for Early Phase clinical trials.


Additionally, Jason has held scientific roles with Sigma-Aldrich and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals located in St. Louis, Mo.

Jason earned his Masters degree in biology from Washington University in St. Louis with an emphasis in Molecular and Cellular Biology.  Jason currently resides in the Nashville TN. Area.


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