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Remy Szykier

Remy Szykier is President and member of the Board of Directors of Ambitna.

An exceptional leader and manager, Ms. Szykier has led Ambitna to successfully create strategic partnerships with leaders in the field of healthcare, blockchain, AI, cybersecurity, predictive analytics and academia to position Ambitna as an innovator in those fields. 


Ms. Szykier has worked to ensure that the technologies and processes in place by Ambitna maintain the highest ethical standards and best practices. Her visionary and dynamic leadership is positioning Ambitna as a true partner to improve health access and diminish health disparities. She has created an ever-learning environment in the work culture of Ambitna thus the creation of several innovative solutions for health.   


Ms. Szykier is the founding member and managing partner of Aegis Health Analytics, a boutique consulting firm in the areas of healthcare, predictive analytics and business development based in Washington, DC. She is a board member of UbiVault and advisor to EdLogics and Global Action Platform. She is a Six Sigma Black Belt.


Ms. Szykier has presented in numerous conferences at the national and global level in the areas of healthcare and predictive analytics. She has received several prestigious awards including an award by the Clinton Global Initiative on her work to mitigate health disparities while decreasing infant mortality. 


She is an avid swimmer, tennis player, skier and hiker. She is the proud parent to three young adults.

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